Prince Tortuggi (EP)

by Matteo Tambussi

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Recorded and produced between April 2015 and Sept 2015 at Alphaville Homestudio and Klubhaus Audio by Matt Fargher and Matteo Tambussi.

Mixed by Matt Fargher and Matteo Tambussi at Klubhaus Audio, and Alphaville Homestudio.

Mastered at Alphaville Homestudio by Matteo Tambussi.

Drums on "Ginger" by Massimo Lorenzon, Bra, Italy.
Bass on "Ubahn" and "Lust" by Ken Dolman.
Drums on "Ubahn" and "Lust" by Matt Fargher.


released December 21, 2015

thanks to (in order of the influence and help given, per track): Shirah Wagner, the telephone boot in Hermannplatz (I'm sorry), Matt Fargher, Ken Dolman, Teegs Rose, Ines Schiller, Gianluca Tedesco and Dario Calfapietra, Massimo Lorenzon, Catia Secretario, my loyal Hyundai Matrix, Yvonne Rausch, Brandon Miller, Zachary Kerschberg.



all rights reserved


Matteo Tambussi Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Atlantis
Seas pull back the tides as a sheet
your footprints in the sand
mark a new Holy Land
You have come to make your stand

Oh, how long I longed for you to come
How long I have waited to hear your song
Spare all revelations for our child
She’ll learn them by heart time enough
before her heart knows Love.

My Queen of the waves of the Deep
the sadness of these days
help me wash away

and I’ll stand by your side ‘till New Dawn
fight for your Kingdom to come
Then will be days of Fun
The Atlantis girl and her Turtle pal
Track Name: Ubahn Blues
Can you see me at the Ubahn station?
Can you see me at the Ubahn station?
I'm the shadow that sneaks out of Damnation
Can you see me at the Ubahn station?

All you people, hear my cry and shiver!

I am the voice that tells you to surrender
to step towards the rails and then to stumble
the black wings that will lift your burdens away
I am the blade, the train that will take down your pain

Can you hear me at the Ubahn station?
sigh of comfort, whisper of temptation
I'm the blues down at the Ubahn station

A broken heart cannot beat any longer
the rhythm that makes your body stronger
why would you ever want to live this way
hear what I say
burn out don't fade away!
I'm the blues down at the Ubahn station
Track Name: Ginger Game
Ain't no room, the devil runs the world
ain't no secret who snuck him to the ball
ain't no sunlight that can pierce that long black cloud
but I've got a trick to foil those evil plans

A fiery mate is what I need to play
this wicked game against the House of Snakes
flaming locks and dragon eyes don't know no shame
in the deepness they burn even brighter flames

Ginger Game, Ginger Game
orange crush, honey pain
pull the strings, drop the chains
the devil's got no game against a ginger's game

Ginger thoughts spice up my appetite
space me out into the deep blue sky
far above the mountains, through the stratosphere
I will hit the sun and kill your fucking fears

Ginger Game, Ginger Game
orange crush, honey pain
Killer Queen, Freddie said
ain't no game against a gingers' game

(1,2,3,4,5,6,7, all the gingers go to heaven)
Track Name: Until the Goats the Guns
Have we met before?
I remember the shore
and the night the moon looked so sore
for we had ignored her
to praise the darkness instead
where everything seemed so secure
and I sounded much more mature...
Obscurity always suited my flaws

I sailed and you lost
that little sparkle of hope
that used to cheer up the songs
when storms banged at the door
and the waves crashed against the prow

Oooh the sea claims our lives
Oooh ain't no land enough to hide
no boat, no current, no soil
stable enough to provide
a safe haven astride
and so we all must recoil
in a land that always looks West
the sundown might still cause some stress
please tell me if you couldn't care less
all this guessing makes me digress
to the folds of your transparent dress...

the man that was gone
back from hell he returned
and it looks like he had so much fun
rejoice cause life is not done
until the goats get the guns
Track Name: Boy
Boy, leave this town
don’t look back, look back in anger
this time
put your paper crown down
drop the sand and grasp the diamonds in your heart

You've had your magic day
your mid-summer night
You had your chance, you made it right

now answer to the call
that brought you here
when the music died
the one true Love
is not a chase for the perfect rhyme.

You, didn't get me wrong
now don’t look back
look back in anger
this time
drive your way up north
put off the scent
and lose the track of desire.
Track Name: My Lust
Dear Yvonne
a storm has come
to ruin our Summer plans

the warfront is high on coke
do you eat that cake?

the government says we're fucked
they've washed off their hands, good luck
I think they distrust your naked sundance
and my lust...

Hello Yvonne
we made it, the storm has gone
back to Horror Land
the streets are filled with joy
the town is a toy
shall we slip away, what you say?

the newspapers say we're lost
we are off the map
can I come to yours for a nap?
Track Name: 23:52
This is our love’s last dance
spinning through the night
I’ve been groping for your hand
grasping every chance
to lead you on a twirl
and make you scream
But this song swings too slow
and the band’s playing bored
So I'll take my leave
and you'll get new company.

Roads, hello,
I am yours, again.