Matteo Tambussi - Spiritual Slang (Ep)

by Matteo Tambussi

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This is my first solo work after

Feedbacks welcome at mat[at]reginanera[dot]com

Looking forward to hearing from you all,
Liebe Grueße,



released December 21, 2014


Recorded at Alphaville Homestudio, Berlin, Sept-Dec 2013.

Mixed by Maurizio Borgna at Youguys/Goerlitzer Music, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Jan 2014.

Mastering by Simone Squillario at Dub the Demon Studio, Luserna S.Giovanni, Italy.

Cover design by Francesca Tambussi

Background Nude Photo by Sarah Landolt:

thanks to (in random order):
Domenica Mercadante, Cesare Tambussi, Francesca Tambussi, Alessandra Montrucchio, Maurizio Borgna and Youguys Music, Zachary Kerschberg, Shirah Wagner, Gilles Peterson and BBC Radio 6, Massimo Lorenzon, Gianluca and Filippo at Aspettando Filippo, Gary and Cogg Guitars, Simone Rubinato,, Edoardo Elia, Cathrin, Ruth and Yasmin, Ercole Gentile, Simone Bonzano, Valerio Bassan and Il Mitte, Alessio d'Alessandro, Massimo Vinco and Fuch;s, Steph and Ben at Prachtwerk Berlin, Sarah Landolt, Zeynep Gedizlioglu, Adrien Le Lorier, God and His Angel on me, Alessio, Berlin and its skin, Wladi and Hard Rock Cafè 2, Klassik Radio, Yvonne, Marie, Karin and Max, Teegs Rose, Ines Schiller, Baroque and Eskinzo.



all rights reserved


Matteo Tambussi Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: ISLAND

oh life
you got me rowing
under the sun
no way I can find my island

fine line
between the blue
ocean and soul
tears won’t let me see my island

low lives
my family
the only ones I know
go, go with the flow
miles and miles away from the skyline

you rock and rollers
take the oars
you castaway lovers
feel the roar of Life
life on an island
searching for islands
sailing by the stars
never be lost

all mine
nothing to lose, under this sun
just nowhere to run
we’ll never stop chasing our Islands

you rock and rollers
take the oars
you exiled looters feel the roar
of Life
life on an Island
searchin for islands
sailing by the stars
never be lost
never grow old
Track Name: DEEDAH
I wake up everyday
I wake up everyday, and
all is full of noise

I live a lonely life
with a little mind
I fear I have no choice

scary days ahead
I freak out in my head
the guys are gonna shoot

I work hard everyday
to put a little magic
in this endless loop

no one understands,
well, no one understands
that Life is just a game

from the very start
to the bottom end
we’re all kicking that can

pigeons on the roofs
ladies on the loose
the guys cannot seduce

there's not much I can do
I’m weaving up some magic
and hope they'll do the same

Dee Dee DeeDah
Dee Dee DeeDah
Dee Dee DeeDah
Put your hands into the fire and stir it up!

Dee Dee DeeDah
Dee Dee DeeDah
Dee Dee DeeDah
Ain't no bad times that can rip your dreams up

Dee Dee DeeDah
Dee Dee DeeDah
Dee Dee DeeDah
When the money-making drives you crazy

Dee Dee DeeDah
Dee Dee DeeDah
Dee Dee DeeDah
Stick to what you want, it’s fucking easy

I feel it in the air
the hum is everywhere
a Storm is on the way
you give in with a smile
they give up on their knives but’ll never lose their edge
frenzy on the loose
is giving me some goosebumps
Global Cooling’s here
there’s nothing we can do
but kick off with some Magic
and leave without our fears
Goodnight to the stars in a broken sky
Goodnight to those past and gone

Goodnight to shadows and their harmless knives
Goodnight to the things we’re not.

Goodbye to sadness of our tainted lives
Goodbye to abuses of an angry day

Goodnight bad girls and troubled guys
who say goodnight to make a better day, someday
oh yeah

Goodnight Sweet Sister always passing by
Goodnight to today’s new lives

Goodnight ministers with your troops and lies
Goodnight if you can sleep fine

Goodnight my baby, my moonlight
the monsters cannot take you if you’re brave

Goodnight my love now close your eyes,
tomorrow we will have a glorious day

oh yeah, oh yeah
hey Sweetie, relax... this is an instrumental piece. :*
Track Name: BERLIN
you are nowhere
and everywhere
you are the air that fills my lungs

the secret tastes of a frozen sin
that melts upon my tongue

you are the many faces of my dreams
I’ve had since I was young

I had to sit upon your lap
to see this life becoming mine

thought I’d never call you home Berlin
wall less home Berlin
all my wounds you heal
time builds up new skin

playing blues in silent hidden spots
that’s how I met my Song
we romanced all the summer
twined our voices till frost came along
and on the ice we slipped
and spiraled down
the kingdom of your ghosts.

we caught the Call
we lived it All
and we would take the fall once more

thought I’d never see your soul Berlin
silver stoned Berlin
all our wounds you heal
black gives way to green